Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tele Warmup

Eryn shreds through rock-strewn powder in Skibowl's lower bowl.

This weekend Eryn and I couldn't stand it anymore. We had to get into the pseudo-backcountry. We spent Saturday night cutting skins for Eryn's skis, and this morning we headed for Mount Hood.

OK, we skied at Timberline on Saturday using two free passes we had from last year. It was epic. Deep powder. Although we did get horribly lost out of bounds at one point and we both wondered if we'd have to build a snow-cave.

This morning we drove to the still-closed Skibowl and got ready for the long trek to the top. It had snowed more than a foot the day before and we knew it was gonna be great. The skin-up to the top took about an hour and ten minutes... pretty slow for some people, but great for us! That's about 1,400 feet of vertical.

We were both soaked in sweat when we got to the top. Guess we're still a bit out of shape.

The view from the summit was gorgeous. We scoped a few lines and wondered about rocks. It didn't look too bad. Sure, the ski area wasn't open yet. But a few other guys were tearing it up on the way down. We just didn't realize they were tearing up the base of their skis too.

After about twenty minutes of snacking and with a couple of other folks at the top, we started to make our way down. The first 400 vertical feet were awesome! After that we both started hitting some pretty big rocks.

I took a good core shot. I was right in the middle of a turn when I slammed into the rock. It threw me straight forward and I did a faceplant. As my face neared the snow, I thought "well, at least it's soft powder." That's when my arm slammed into another rock. Now I have a huge bruise on my arm. I hit the rock full force.

I'll survive and my skis will be fine, but we both learned it's a bit too early to poach fresh snow at ski-bowl. Unfortunately, the avalanche danger was too high to go anywhere else. Maybe next weekend...

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Michele said...

Awesome pics!!!!!!

That looks like a blast!!
However, cyber-sympathy on the arm slam on the rock. Man, that's gonna take awhile to fade.
Glad you're OK, though...I shudder to think of the "other" scenario.

Looks like your dog was enjoying the romp in the white fluff too!

Thanks for sharing the fun with your blog viewers!